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Visit of the desert

This is a photo report about the haze in Málaga, Andalusia. The pictures were taken a couple of days after a storm of dust visited the city on the 24th of March, 2022. The goal was to document how the urban part of the city looked after this natural phenomenon had passed.

The Spanish word used to describe this phenomenon is La Calima. During its visit, visibility in the area was very poor, the sky turned orange, and the air quality was severely affected. When rainfall occurred, a lot of mud appeared on the streets, and the once-white Andalusian buildings turned brown. Although the streets may have returned to their normal state, architectural objects will likely remain affected for many years to come.

La Calima is not so common in Málaga, making this particular event a historical occurrence. However, it is more frequently experienced in the Canary Islands.

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YEAR: 2022

LOCATION: Málaga, Spain

© Paulise photography 

(Paulina Lisevičiūtė)

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