FYM - Cement factory in Málaga

It is a short photographic story about the 'blued-yellowed' complex of industrial buildings that is built between Málaga and Rincon de la Victoria (a small town  in the province of Málaga). This factory serves tones of concrete for Spain and to export . It stands solo in front of  a small spanish village, called La Araña. The village is in the other side of the road, on the seashore. This complexity of buildings creates a small industrial town. 


The massive factory is a complex organisation of big structures. Every massive detail creates playful geometric composition that is worth to capture.​​​​​​​




The first factory was working in the same site in 1918 and was inaugurated in 1925. Today the factory produces 60% of cement of the same brand factories in Spain. Although today is using only 80% of it's capacity. It brings job to 160 people. ​​​​​​​


Thank you for watching!