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FYM - Cement factory in Málaga

In between Málaga and Rincon de la Victoria, a small town in the province of Málaga, lies a complex of industrial buildings known as the ´blued-yellowed' complex. This factory produces tonnes of concrete for Spain and exports. It stands alone, facing a small Spanish village called La Araña (The spider), which is situated on the other side of the road, by the seashore. 

The first factory was established on this site in 1918 and was inaugurated in 1925. Today, it produces 60% of the cement of the brand's factories in Sapin, though it currently operates at only 80% of its capacity. The factory provides employment for 160 people.

The photo series is about geometric precision and industrial compositions. It captures the composition of industrial elements, which come together to personalize the factory's identity.

Year: 2019

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