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Guardians of Stone

Guardians of Stone is a Photographic Series of Gargoyles at Cathédrale Saint-Étienne de Toulouse.

Have you ever heard about Gargoyles? These gothic carvings, frozen in time, exhibit a fascinating array of grotesque figures, faces, and mythical creatures. The photographic series reflects upon the essence of these architectural marvels, each intricately crafted to serve both functional and symbolic purposes.

The series transports to the upper reaches of the cathedral, where the gargoyles stand as silent sentinels, dutifully diverting water away from the building's exterior, safeguarding its delicate masonry from potential harm. The intricacy of their design, combined with the stark contrast against the ancient stone backdrop, lends an ethereal quality to each image. The sculptor's artistry and the passage of centuries blend seamlessly.

The series invites contemplation of the timeless allure of gargoyles and prompts pondering of the profound human desire to transcend mere functionality and carve lasting symbols of protection and power into the very fabric of our built environment.

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YEAR: 2022

LOCATION: Toulouse, France

© Paulise photography 

(Paulina Lisevičiūtė)

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