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Dancing shadows


Delving into the enchanting world of architectural pergolas, where the interplay of light and structure gives birth to mesmerizing shadows. Each meticulously composed photograph showcases the allure of these pergolas as they become living canvases for the ephemeral art of light and shade.

The series captures the essence of the structures, carefully revealing their intricate details as they bask in the natural or artificial light that gracefully sculpts their surroundings. An interplay between light and architecture, it brings to life ephemeral beauty that unfolds when the sunlight casts its gentle touch upon these structures.

In every frame, a sense of wonder and admiration for the transformative power of light is invoked. The project is a testament to the creative vision and technical expertise that brings out the inherent beauty of these pergolas, elevating them to the status of living art forms. It invites you to experience the profound beauty that lies in the simple dance of shadows and illumination.

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YEAR: 2021

LOCATION: Málaga, Spain

© Paulise photography 

(Paulina Lisevičiūtė)

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