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Hello! I'm an architect and a photographer based in Málaga, Spain, and often spend time in my home country, Lithuania. I specialize in photographing architecture, interior design, and creating artistic photographic series. I am drawn to geometrical shapes, vertical and horizontal lines, esthetics and tidiness. ​

I grew up in a little Lithuanian town, which may remind you of a movie scene from Chernobyl (albeit on a smaller scale), surrounded by green spaces, lakes, and vibrant cultural communities.  I was fortunate to have a support system that encouraged creativity, and my family included an artist. I enjoyed drawing, crafting, dancing and writing poems.

Once I received a digital Point-and-shoot camera, I became fascinated with macro photography, capturing my surroundings. This ignited my passion for photography, and I realized it could be a lifelong pursuit. My interest in architecture also blossomed, as it provided an avenue to combine art with technical knowledge. I attended rehabilitation of my childhood home, where I was observing the construction of the roof, and participated in calculating the required materials. It fueled my determination, leading me to study architecture.

After graduating from Vilnius Tech (formerly Vilnius Gediminas Technical University), I gained valuable experience as an architect's assistant in various European countries: Germany, Spain and Lithuania. Although the lifestyle of an architect didn't suit me, I found joy in visiting captivating spaces and collaborating with architects. During my last academic year while travelling during ERASMUS exchange program, I merged photography and architecture in my free time.

Photographer Paulina Lisevičiūtė, Founder of Paulise Photography

Thus, as an architect, I made the decision to acquire a DSLR camera and delve deeper into my love for architectural photography.

Through this journey, I honed my technical expertise and trained myself not only in capturing geometry but also in capturing spaces and objects in a way that reflected the architect's or designer's ideas accurately. This path led me to receive photographic orders, marking the integration of my interests into one cohesive profession.

Paulise photography is divided into two disciplines: architectural and artistic. Working with clients, I capture architectural and interior design masterpieces and aim to promote clean, inspiring spaces that positively influence the daily life of society. I also capture freshly built spaces to document them for the future. In artistic photography, I convey emotions through geometric images, some of which become prints or exhibits.


/ Airbnb, Inc.

/ Architect Filippo Erasti

/ A2SM Architects​

/ Architektūros studija „Plazma“

/ BSV arquitectos

/ González Granger arquitectos

/ SIIN ArchStudio




/ IPA - International Photography Awards - Honorable Mention for One-Shot: Street Photography category for "The Student's Hive"

/ Cherrydeck Editor's Choice List July 2018 of Architecture Highlighting extraordinary photography talents on Cherrydeck Blog.


/ ARCHIFORMA Lithuanian Architecture Review Journal 2019, Issue 1-2 (Pages 72-73) Article: "Photographer of Architecture - Paulina Lise".


/ IPA - International Photography Awards 2020 - Honorable Mention in the category of Abstract Architecture for "Light Dependent Curves".


/ Exhibition during the event "Noches en Blanco" at the Colegio Oficial de Arquitectos de Málaga.

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